4Kommerce Marketplace, eCommerce for the new millenium

Updated: Apr 18

What the world needs

I believe now the world needs an alternate eCommerce platform that will give the buying power to the buyers.

At the same time, the sellers can still sell at a fair price.

As many companies are going bankrupt, they will need a new eCommerce platform to unload their merchandise.

Big companies like J.Crew, Neiman Marcus, Hertz, and others filed for Chapter 11. Many smaller companies will file too. They all will need a place to sell fast their merchandise. 4Kommerce can serve as such a place.

4Kommerce provides the window to such innovation by offering buyers and sellers a fair way to make a deal. Buyers are able to negotiate prices in real time. It is extremely easy to use as it requires only to insert the prices they offer and once the price is agreed the can check out. Buyers make a deal they are comfortable with.

For sellers it offers them the window to what buyers are willing to pay and at the same time they can sell their product at a better price than just discounting across the broad to compete.

4Kommerce provides a win - win situation.


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