4Kommerce Marketplace (under construction) 

The new generation Marketplace


4Kommerce is a new breed Marketplace in Cloud Commerce arena. 4Kommerce is set to revolutionize the eCommerce industry. It is an “Open Source Platform’ that delivers exceptional flexibility and unique experience to consumers.


4Kommerce is contract free, free listing and remote access at any time, from anywhere, on any devices, personalized.


OfferJar delivers simplicity and features that are not available on the market and they are:

  • Real time negotiation 1:1, in privacy, 24/7

  • Collaborative deal making

  • Automation for “make an offer” service, with a realtime Computer Assisted Negotiator and Computerized Answering Service/ help desk.

    Open Source: opened to programmers to contribute new services to the platform.

  • Chain link - starting from first sale, to resale, and on and on.

  • Loyalty: Developing customer loyalty between the sellers and buyer, rather buyer and the Marketplace 

  • Group sales and conversions: Convert a single sale to a group sale: when a buyer has negotiated good price he can share the price with his friends on social network, and they all get the same price and even an additional discount based on number of buyers. This is huge for the seller as he builds following very fast.

  • Trust and Fairness: We create even playing field for buyers and sellers.

  • Open platform: add your custom store to the market place: no transfers/exporting or importing of data and take advantages of both worlds.   :

  • Progressive


These features and services help sellers to sell their goods faster, more efficient with better margins, and keep the buyers coming back.