Sales Negotiations in Real Time

Sales Negotiations in Real Time

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OfferJar the next generation in online transactions.



OfferJar allows buyers to purchase items in real time for the price they are willing to pay. They are able negotiate and close their own deal.  No need to wait for sales, coupons or discounts.


eBay sellers: OfferJar is a new feature that will help you generate more sales. OfferJar allows your visitors to make real time offers on your products and services. You set the price you are willing to accept. OfferJar does the rest. 

OfferJar has been approved as compatible application with eBay's Make Offer.


Analytics: Buyers will see how much they saved and you the seller will see how much more you have earned compared to your minimum price.


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What's the Big Idea?



Buy what you want, when you want it, in real time, for the price you are willing to pay.  

No need to wait for sales, coupons or discounts. 

Create your own special deal with OfferJar.



Engage your customers and transform your site from passive to interactive. Sell at the price you are willing to accept. No coupons needed.


Don’t Wait! Negotiate!

OfferJar is an eCommerce Platform that allows consumers to negotiate price in real time.


OfferJar is the worlds first online, real time, Computer Assisted Price Negotiation Application for goods and services. Negotiate 24/7 and if you like it buy it on the spot, for the price you have negotiated.


Consumers and retailers are missing out on sales all day, every day. When a retailer prices a product above what the consumer is willing to pay a sale is lost, when the price is too low a margin is lost. A tool is needed that will allow consumer and retailer to close the gap and achieve a win-win sale.Inkomerce provides that tool.

Product & Technology

By using a proprietary 2-way negotiation algorithm, OfferJar aims to bring online retail to a new level of collaborative deal-making.  

OfferJar is a patent pending PaaS that facilitates online negotiations between buyers and sellers in real time. OfferJar connects buyers, sellers and service providers everywhere to make a better deal.


OfferJar can be integrated with any online retail and social platform.


Our mission is, to empower consumers that shop online, to negotiate the best prices. This power will give the sellers/stores the chance to engage the customer and make the sale.


Overview: OfferJar is the simplest & most efficient negotiation tool in the world.


OfferJar started with an idea! when my partner and I where looking for products for our kids at better prices. It took years in planning and more than 18 months to execute. It is now a reality.


OfferJar is an innovative automated negotiations SaaS that can be integrated with any online retail and social platform. By using a proprietary 2-way patent pending Negotiation Algorithm, Open Architecture, an agile UI ( user interface) and powerful API ( application programming interface), we allow sellers, service providers to close the pricing gap in real time, while keeping the consumer satisfied.


The way it is set up the customers buys for the price he likes and seller sells over the price he was willing to discount using coupons. A win-win 

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